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perro  kira casa rural

The first thing you will see is
KIRA, the Queen of the Outdoors,
my great friend and the real BOSS of the house !!!

She’s sweet, playful and affectionate, loves children and anyone who will play with her!!!

She was born with the dawning of the new century and we found
her at a home for abandoned animals in 2002. She was then adopted by
Françoise. The rapport between us is total and together we are happy.
We both won the lottery on the day we met !!!

On 16 September 2007, Drako arrived to the house from Madrid.
A dog I adopted, just like Kira, who was born in April 2003. Young,
curious and still a bit nervous about the marvellous scents to be found in
Solanot, as he had always lived in a city flat.
Very surprised by the “Giant Dogs” we call cows!
For the moment, Kira continues to be the Boss, because
Drako came to HER house, but because Drako is a very noble dog,
they get on very well, despite the fact that…
The balls are all Kira’s !!!

The garden, with a barbeque, large table and chairs, parasol and two deck chairs
Snow at Mas El Solanot

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