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* What you will find in Mas El Solanot

  • 2 bedrooms : one with twin beds, and one with dubbelbed (antique mahogany bed with Canopy)
  • Complete kitchen.
  • Library in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Dutch. 
  • TV with satellite.
  • Assortment of table-games for children as well as for adults.
  • Complete bathroom.
  • Free laundry service.

The small living room and Library is well supplied with books in 5 languages, covering various subject areas, such as cuisine, poetry, philosophy, children’s books and books for adolescents in 3 languages. And, above all, loads of novels, be they classics or modern literature, in Spanish, Catalan, French, English and Dutch.
All the books form an important part of the lives of the owners who, with great pleasure, lend them to be read by their guests with the full confidence that they will be looked after and respected.
The same goes for the board games !

The dinning room and kitchen of the house are next to one another, so that whoever is cooking is not distant from the others.
This ensures that the atmosphere is not broken by the mere fact of having to cook a succulent meal !!!

Another bedroom, which we call “Los Sombreros”, is very special and cosy, and faces west. It tends to be the favourite of women and young girls!

Bedroom with a four-poster bed measuring 160 x 200 cm, offering southerly views over Susqueda Lake.

One of our guests commented that, “The bed and its views make me feel like a princess”. Let your imagination fly

habitacion casa rural
habitacion casa rural
casa rural habitacion
habitacion casa rural
casa rural habitacion
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